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The Rainbow Connection Season Three Season Finale Part One

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Year : 2013 Director : Running Time : Genre :
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Shane makes a bold move to get Marlon’s attention. Cadence goes to Ciara for help with a plan against Mekhi. Heather and Mekhi question Ayden on why Cadence punched him. Feeling free from all his drama Jaden wants a night out with Wesley and Kareem, but they have plans of their own. Marlon celebrates his newfound happiness with Tatiana. Ciara questions Cadence’s motives. Ayden and Heather make a deal regarding their issues with Mackenzie which leads to Heather making a big confession. Ciara resorts to an old habit, and blackmails Antonio. Gavin and Ayden spar, and someone’s secret is exposed. Heather’s emotions run high until a familiar presence gets her attention.
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