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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why movie links not working?
A: Make sure your in Chrome or Firefox web browser.
A: Slow Connection: make sure you clear any popup’s that pop’s up.
A: Please wait, sometimes it can take upto 1 min till the movie load and/or click Play button to pause and back again.

Q: Is This site legal?
A: Yes, we search the net for links that’s has already been posted online on a share site, just share where we found them at, we don’t upload or Host any media on our site.

Q: How come this was never done, until now?
A: Since the internet was introduce to file sharing (Youtube or Facebook) back when you couldn’t find and media unless you buy the media from (Ebay or Amazon) now we can share any media that has a share button.

Q: Important information/Necessities to Load the Video Player?
A: You need the Flash Player.

Q: Video Buffering is Slow ?
A: You can Pause the video and can restart within 5 to 10 minutes from the Pause time.

Important Info:

We do not host any movies so speed of buffering may vary.

Video player on website may not support Smartphones or Tablets/iPads or iPhones or Android Devices.

How To Get Around ISP Block in your Country

Certain Countries has officially blocked Movie Sites ISP in the UK, By ISP’s BT, EE, O2, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media so to combat this you will now have to use a proxy or a VPN to access the site, the best solution will be a VPN as it will still let you login to your account, for anyone that is confused about VPN’s and how to set them up, I have made a quick video on how to do this, it’s only a couple of minutes short and should be of help to everyone looking to get around the blocks and be able still view your favorite sites.
OR, if this method is too complicated, you can download an already pre-configerd VPN. Just check the Links below, which offer a wide range of VPN’s to choose from.
Google Chrome / Opera / Firefox [Zen Mate VPN Add-On] [Recommended]
HOTSPOT SHIELD VPN [Limited Bandwidth]
ALTERNATIVE VPN [No Bandwidth Limits] [Recommended]
Use NO-SCRIPT Add-on To Stop Popups / Ad’s From VPN FIREFOX ADD-ON